Austenitic Steel Valve

Austenitic valve steels are precipitation hardenable. This feature provides good resistance to corrosive attacks, even at high temperatures, such as within engine exhaust gases. They have also proved outstanding resistance to wear and to thermal and mechanical shocks. As a result, they are used in the manufacture of internal combustion engine valves.



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Austentic Gate Valve                                                      Austentic Butterfly Valve



Casting Forging Wrought Fittings
A351 CF8 10213-4 1.4308 304 A182 F304 10088 1.4301 A403-WP304
A351 CF3 10213-4 1.4309 304L A182 F304L 10088 1.4307 A403-WP304L
A351 CF8M 10213-4 1.4408 316 A182 F316 10088 1.4401 A403-WP316
A351 CF3M 10213-4 1.4409 316L A182 F316L 10088 1.4004 A403-WP316L
A351 CF10MC 10213-4 1.4581 316MB 10088 1.4580
321 A182-F321 10088 1.4541 A403-WP321


Main Composition:

  • Carbon (C): from 0.03% to 0.25% (“L” indicates low content of carbon <0.035%)
  • Chromium (Cr): from 17% to 26%
  • Nickel (Ni): from 7% to 22%


  • Good mechanical properties.
  • High resiliency at low temperatures (-200°C).
  • Suitable for cryogenic processes.
  • “L” used for welding.
  • 70% of stainless steel production is austenitic.

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