1. Anchor and Mooring Winches
  2. Anchor Handling and Towing Winches
  3. Lifting and Handling Winches
  4. Storage Winches

  1. Anchor and Mooring Winches

Anchor and Mooring Winches are of two types


  1. Anchor Windlass Winches

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Anchor Windlass Winches


  • Electric or Hydraulic drive
  • Rated pull (cable lifters) according to class
  • Single or double configuration
  • Chain size 36 mm to 160 mm
  • Manually operated clutch
  • Manually operated band brake
  • Local and/or remote control


  • Auto tension / tension control (for mooring drums)
  • With or without mooring drum
  • With or without warping end
  • Remote control
  • Chain length and/or speed measurement
  • Bridge operated anchor drop
  • Hydraulic operated brake


2.Mooring Winches

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Mooring Winches


  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single or multi drum configuration
  • With or without warping end
  • Rated pull: 5 – 40 t
  • Manually operated clutch and band brake
  • Local control


  • Auto tension/tensioning control
  • Hydraulic operated band brake
  • Hydraulic operated clutch
  • Light line speed
  • Remote control (wireless)


2. Anchor Handling and Towing Winches


  • Double drum waterfall configuration
  • Triple drum waterfall configuration
  • Side-by-side (double and triple drum configuration)
  • The winches are of heavy-duty box frame type construction with the main drums running on spherical roller bearings
  • Drums can be directly driven or de-clutchable


  • Hydraulic or electrical driven
  • Double (waterfall or side-by-side) or triple drum configurations
  • 100 – 500 t rated line-pull on first layer
  • Up to 670 t brake holding static at first layer
  • Hydraulic operated brake
  • Dynamic breaking to facilitate high load / high speed lowering without de-clutching
  • Delivered with spooling device
  • Local control for maintenance
  • Remote control (on bridge) for operation


1.Towing Winches

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Towing Winches


  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single or double drum
  • Rated pull first layer from 30 – 250 t
  • Wire speed to suit operational requirements
  • Hydraulic operated clutch
  • Hydraulic operated band brake
  • Local and remote control


  • Spooling device
  • Tension/auto tension



Chain Pulling Winches enable the safe control of various chain sizes by limiting the load on the chain to a preset value.

Image result for CHAIN PULLING WINCHES                              Image result for CHAIN PULLING WINCHES

Chain Pulling Winches


Pull and speed: 40kN at 0 – 100m/min or 70kN at 0 – 60m/min

Design: reduction gear with wheel protection, grease-lubricated

Drive: low-pressure motor with built-in change-over valve and throttle valve with remote control

Weight: approx. 4,200kg without motor & approx. 5,400kg with motor


3.Secondary Winches

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Secondary Winches


  • Locally and remote controlled (from bridge)
  • Hydraulic driven (one or two hydraulic motors)
  • Operated in normal or dynamic braking mode
  • Hydraulic operated clutch (clutch is used for freewheeling)
  • Hydraulic operated band brake



  1. Abandon and Recovery Winches
  2. Active Heave Compensated Winches
  3. Constant Tension Winches
  4. Crane Lift Support Winches
  5. Drill Floor Winches
  7. Tugger Winches

1.Abandon and Recovery Winches

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Abandon and Recovery Winches


Drive: Electric or hydraulic
Pull: Up to 300 tons at 1st layer
Spooling: Integrated spooling device
Clutch and brake: Hydraulic operated
Control: Local and remote control


2.Active Heave Compensated Winches


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        Active Heave Compensated Winches


  • SWL from 5 – 300 t
  • Lifting height with steel wire: 100 – 3000 m
  • Lifting height with fibre rope: below 3000 m
  • Hydraulic or electrical driven
  • Delivered with or without spooling device


3.Constant Tension Winches

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Constant Tension Winches


  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Single drum configuration
  • Steel wire drum type
  • 5 – 40 t pull
  • Local and/or remote control
  • Drum capacity according to client’s requests

4.Crane Lift Support Winches


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Crane Lift Support Winches


Drive:                                                Electric driven
Pulling force, 1st layer:                  13.8 t
Pulling force, top layer:                 10 t
Speed, 1st layer:                              Stepless 0 – 13 m
Speed, top layer:                             Stepless 0 – 40 m
Drum capacity:                               200 m Ø 22 mm wire
Brake holding force, 1st layer:     23,2 t
Brake holding force, top layer:   16,8 t
Motor brake (electrical):              20,7 t at 1st layer
Minimum tension:                        2 t
Maximum tension:                       13,8 t
Accuracy:                                       +/- 15 – 20 %
Line load read out:                       Display for line reado out on radio remote control unit

5.Drill Floor Winches

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Drill Floor Winches


Drive:                    Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic

Drum Capacity:    According to customers request

Spooling device:  According to customers request

Control:                 Local and/or remote control


  • Payout and line speed display
  • Remote control (radio remote)
  • HPU (for hydraulic models)


6.Transponder Winches



Transponder Winches


Drive:                            Electric driven
Pulling force:               35 t at top layer
Spooling device:          Included
Speed (1st layer):        Stepless 0 – 2,3 m
Speed (Top Layer):    Stepless 0 – 2,9 m
Drum Capacity:          300 m Ø 40 mm wire
Brake Holding:           90 t
Control:                       Portable control panel




7.Tugger Winches

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Tugger Winches


  • Electric/hydraulic/pneumatic drive
  • Single drum with/without warping end configuration
  • Rated pull (1st layer) – 5 – 30 t
  • Drum capacity – 100 – 600 m steel wire rope
  • Manually operated band brake
  • Local control


4.Storage Winches

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Storage Winches


  • Drive: Electric/hydraulic
  • Configuration: Single Drum
  • Drum: Steel Wire Rope / Rope Drum
  • Rated pull: 2 – 50 t
  • Nominal speed: Up to 30 m/min
  • Control: Local and/or remote control
  • With or without spooling device
  • Manual operated band brake


Streamer Storage WinchesImage result for streamer Storage Winches                                                                              Streamer Storage Winches


Drive:                                       Electric/hydraulic

Rated pull (1st layer):           3 – 5 t
Drum capacity:                      7.000 – 10.000 m streamer cable
Control:                                   Local and/or remote control

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