Zirconium Valves

Valves made of zirconium offer excellent resistance to high-temperature acids. They are often used in acetic acid applications or on high-temperature heat exchanger pipes. They are also commonly used at the nuclear power plants.Zirconium alloys offer an excellent resistance to corrosion in agressive environments such as mineral and organic acids, alkalides, salts and other gaseous mediums. One of the main uses of zirconium alloys is in nuclear technology, as cladding of fuel rods in nuclear reactors, especially water reactors.



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 Zirconium Ball Valve                                                                   Zirconium check Valve


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 Zirconium Globe Valve                                                    Zirconium Gate Valve



Zirconium Valve Specification

Design/Standard : ASTM, API

Specification : ASTM B752, 702C and 705C

Size :  1/2″~8″

Grades : UNS R60702 (Hafnium alloy) and UNS R60705 (Niobium alloy)