Special Metals and Equipment FZE

An icon of trust and reliability, Special Metal and Equipments FZE has acquired a reputation of being a preferred source of supply for prestigious Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Civil Construction, Ship Repairs and allied industries, both locally and overseas. A strong commitment to quality, a complete project based approach, an understanding of customer needs has resulted in winning orders globally.

Apart from the Middle East region, our client base spans across the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, France, Italy and the Caspian Sea belt, Indian subcontinent, Korea, Japan and Australia we can provide complete packages including seamless and welded and tubes, butt weld & forged fitting, induction bends, all types of ASTM, API, DIM flanges ,special forgings, insulation sets, gaskets NUTS and bolts, Valves, Filters, Strainers, Recivers, Traps, Launching and Receiving Traps Pipe Spools in all grades of Ferrous and Exotic material.

To ensure excellent Quality and impeccable service we enjoy a long standing relationship with a wide variety of flexible and Reliable Suppliers thus allowing us to make attractive offer under any aspect.