Annular Valve

Annular Safety Valves provides annular control systems for ESP, gas lift injection, gas and water injection, and dual-zone applications to control annular flow. These surface-controlled subsurface safety valves are designed for medium-pressure, sweet to corrosive environments and feature rod piston actuation, elastomeric seals, and both flapper and sleeve closure systems. Annular valves are suitable for regulating flow and pressure. They are prepared to work against all column water pressure without cavitation.

Annular Valve Range

  • Size : DN-200 to DN-1200
  • Pressure range : PN-10 to PN-40
  • Cast Steel or Machine welded construction
  • Body : Ductile cast iron
  • Piston : Stainless Steel, Bronze

Non-Return Annular Valve

  • Size: DN-100 to DN-1000
  • Pressure: PN-10 to PN-64