Self Priming Pumps

The self priming centrifugal pump is designed to lift water from some level below the pump suction without having to fill the suction piping with liquid. It accomplishes this by creating a partial vacuum at the pump suction which removes the air from the suction line.

Non Self Priming Pumps

When Non Self Priming Pump operate on flooded suction lines or in submersible applications, the impeller is surrounded by enough water to create the pressure differential and thus to pump water.


  • Water supply for domestic use in Residential Houses
  • Lawn Sprinklers and small irrigation system
  • Car washing, Small Fountains


  • Non Self priming but operates Upto 8 Mtr suc. at mean sea level
  • Bronze Impeller
  • Double Shielded Ball Bearings
  • CSCR type Motor eliminating centrifugal switch
  • Fitted with TOP
  • Portable – Pump light in weight

Material of Construction

Motor Body Aluminium Extruded
Impeller Forged Bronze
Delivery Casing Cast Iron
Bracket, E.Cover Cast Iron
Shaft Carbon / Stainless Steel

Technical Specification

Power Rating 0.37 kW (0.5HP)
Head upto 35m
Capacity 300 – 2000 LPH
Voltage 160-240V (1PH)
Liquid / Opr.Temp Clear Water / 40°c