• Petroleum Hose
  • Mud Hose
  • Water Hose
  • Steam Hose
  • Air Hose
  • Material Hose
  • Chemical Hose
  • Food & Beverage Hoses
  • Mud Hose

Petroleum Hose

A Petroleum Hose for use in tank truck, bulk petroleum stations, and in-plant oil service. The tube is oil resistant conductive Nitrile (NBR). The cover is abrasion, ozone, weather, heat and oil resistant neoprene rubber.

Generally used at dockside and jetty locations where the working conditions do not call for high crush resistance or tensile.


  • Transfer of petroleum products
  • High-pressure suction and discharge of petroleum products
  • Transfer and blending of petroleum products; transfer of crude oil, salt water, slurries and non-potable water


  • High flexibility
  • Superior quality
  • Embedded copper wire for electrical continuity

Water Hose

They provide uniform pressure and ensure that there are no leakages.

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Water Hose


  • Compact designs
  • Long lasting shine
  • Rust resistance


  • The Hose has a wide range of applications in various Industries, Home, Agriculture Projects, Mines and Dams
  • Suction and discharge of water, mud and slurries; agriculture fertilizers, salt water (brine)
  • Medium-duty suction of water, salt water, light chemicals
  • Discharge of water in agricultural and industrial applications, mines and quarries
  • Transfer of water, liquid, diluted fertilizers and pesticides; pumping, suction and discharge of water and slurries
  • High pressure cleaning and degreasing
  • High-pressure sewer cleaning

Steam Hose

Steam hose is a range of rubber hose and fittings designed to transfer steam within several applications. It is used to transfer steam from one place to another with the help of a flexible hose. It can also be used for transferring heated oil, water, etc.

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Steam Hose


  • Oil Refineries
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Foundries
  • Steel Mills
  • Chemical Plants
  • Shipyards


  • High-strength steel wire steel braided reinforcement provides ease of use while maintaining flexibility
  • EPDM or oil-resistant steam hoses withstand dragging, scuffing and other abuse found in many applications
  • Safety factor on select hoses results in safer operation and longer hose life

Air Hose

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Air Hose


  • Bulk solids – air hose can be made to carry bulk granular or pelletized solids in an air or gas stream. These tubes must be able to withstand the abrasive action of solids moving through the interior.
  • Compressed air – air hose can be made for larger pneumatic systems. These vessels must have high strength and strong seals to prevent leaks or damage. When being used with tools and equipment that are oil-lubricated, the hose must be able to resist oil mist corrosion.
  • Other gases – air hose can be made to carry a wide variety of different gases for heating and cooling as well as industrial, medical, and semiconductor applications. These hoses require resistance to the corrosive nature of the chemicals they transport.


  • Anti-static : Hoses are conductive or semi-conductive to prevent the buildup of static electricity.
  • Coiled : Hose is coiled for flexibility and elasticity, making it expandable and relatively easy to store.
  • Corrugated : Hose contains corrugations, pleats, or spiral convolutions to increase flexibility and the capacity for compression and elongation.
  • Crush-proof : Hoses are designed to resist crushing or collapse caused by exterior forces. This is important for applications where flow interruption or kinking could cause serious system damage.
  • Flame resistant : Hoses are constructed to maintain their integrity in the presence of flame or fire.
  • Lay-flat : Lay-flat hose is designed to default to a flat, collapsed (not rigid) structure when not filled with fluid. This feature is less common in air hoses and air duct hoses.
  • Reinforced: Reinforced hoses are constructed with some type of reinforcement that provides additional strength.

Material Hose

used as solution for any material-handling application. From high-pressure braided hoses to spiral hydraulic hoses

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Material Hose


  • Suction & Discharge of dry bulk materials, sand, gravel & dry cement
  • Transfer of dry bulk, of bottle caps and of cleaning agents
  • Hot air blower hose; hot, dry, non-oily applications
  • Conveys sand or shot for cleaning purposes, sandblast equipment to clean steel or concrete before painting or sealing


  • 4:1 safety factor on select hoses (burst: working pressure) results in safer operation and longer hose life
  • Easy identification in the toughest environments

Sand Blast Hose

Sand Blast Hose provides excellent heavy duty service across multiple medium pressure blasting and transfer applications. The thick rubber tube provides additional resistance to sand and other abrasive materials going through the hose.

  • Tube: Black natural rubber for superior abrasion resistance to 160°F
  • Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for strength and durability
  • Cover: Black synthetic rubber for resistance to abrasion, cuts, gouging, scuffs and weathering


  • media
  • Abrasive materials
  • Sand
  • usage
  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Stripping
  • Construction sites
  • Highway maintenance
  • Shipyards

Chemical Hose

Chemical hoses are designed to withstand the most corrosive fluids, toughing out highly acidic alkaloid fluids, hazardous waste, solvents, and petroleum.

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Chemical Hose


  • Transfer of acids, chemicals, solvents, and petroleum products;
  • Loading and unloading, pumping, suction, or gravity flow discharge
  • Suction and discharge of chemicals, and solvents
  • In-plant transfer of chemicals, alcohols, acids and petroleum
  • Spray pesticides, fertilizers and paint


  • Every chemical hose features permanent branding for quick and easy identification
  • Unique design permits easy, safe handling of the hose

Food & Beverage Hoses

In the food service industry, quality and safety is more important than ever, especially when there’s a high risk for contamination.

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Food & Beverage Hoses


  • Suction and discharge (S & D) of non-dairy food products, milk, vegetable oil, beverages and bulk abrasive material for food industry
  • Suction and discharge of food containing high percentage of alcohol
  • Suction and discharge of beverages; mineral water, beer, fruit juices, wine & liquor
  • Discharge of potable water
  • For food and beverage dispensing; and spraying and conveying fertilizer and pesticides
  • Washdown food processing facilities & equipment, not for milk


  • 4:1 safety factor on select hoses results in safer operation and longer hose life
  • EHF002 – LIQUID FOOD SUCTION & DISCHARGE: Easy identification in the toughest environments provided by dual Mylar and embossed laylines , verses competitive single layline alternatives, creating ease of replenishment and traceability

Mud Hose

A mud hose is a flexible tube which connects the mud tank to the swivel for forcing mud down the hole inside the drill string.

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Mud Hose


  • Sturdiness
  • Weather resistant
  • Impact resistance


  • It is almost used every where for suction of Mud & Slurry purposes as it has got a high suction capacity & is highly flexible.