Monel Valve

Monel valves refer to industrial valves made from Monel alloys which are nickel-copper based corrosion resistant solid solution alloys. The copper added can improve the corrosion resistance and strength of the nickel alloy. Monel Alloy Valves can be used in industries such as  chemical, oil and gas, Marine, Nuclear Power, Sea Water, Oil refining, Hydro-carbon processing etc.


monelalloy400_2 pcs flanged ball valves                                Image result for monel butterfly valve

      Monel Ball Valve                                                            Monel Butterfly Valve



Alloy Steel Flange Gate Valve                                   Monel Trim Globe Valves, API 598, Hand Wheel

                 Monel Gate valve                                                             Monel Globe Valve

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Monel Check Valve                                                              Monel Needle valve



Monel Valve Specification

Design/Standards : ASTM, ASME, API , EN, ISO, BS, DIN, JIS, etc.

Size :  1/2″(DN 15)~24″(DN 600)

Pressure Rating :  Class 150~2500 (PN 16 ~ PN 100)

Seating: Metal or Soft seated

Port: Full Port or Reduced Port

Grades :  Monel 400(UNS N04404), Monel C, Monel 403, Monel 404(UNS N04404), Monel R-405(UNS N04405), Monel 406, Monel 411, Monel K-500(UNS N05500), Monel 501, Monel 502(UNS N05502)

End Connection :NPT, SW, BW, Flanged

Operation : Lever, Gear, Electric actuator, Pneumatic.